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Okay, this bio needed a serious overhaul, considering I wrote it back in jr. high or so when I was still confused about that whole therianthropy/draconic/otherkin thing. (For the record, I'm plain old human as far as I can honestly admit to myself, but I think those of you that may not be are pretty cool.) Willing to give anybody the benefit of the doubt as far as unusual personal beliefs go. UPG? Not really a problem.

Religiously/spiritually belief-wise, I'm somewhere between agnostic and pagan, with strong animist tendencies. I've got several ideas on what I want to practice and learn more about, but I've been working on slowly meandering out my own bushwhacked path rather than borrowing someone else's road to charge down whole-heartedly. Shamanism and mystic experiences are a strong pull, but I grapple a lot with the issue of cultural appropriation. I don't really want to borrow someone else's gods and spirits if they're not interested in me. Trying to teach myself to use the runes, though.

I'm a huge geek. I speak fluent lolcat, read a number of different webcomics (and am usually up for just one more!, am usually up for a good anime marathon, and spend entirely too much time on the internet. I have a weakness for bizarre crossover fanfiction that Should Not Be, and I think implausible slash pairings are hilarious. I might not be a dedicated gamer, but I hang out with enough that I can follow the conversation and participate. I'm much more causual, with a fondness for spectating.

RPGs. Sure, there are a number of decent ones out for the PC and Consoles...but rolling dice around a table is where it's really at. Tabletop gaming is by far my favorite field of geekery. I'll just leave it at that, and talk your ears off about some vaguely indie game you've never heard of later. Or tell you the story about the Eberron campaign with the goat, the submarine, the demigod, and the immovable rod.

Bit of an academics nerd too. Really, considering the number of times I've checked out ethnographies, or dry academic books on ancient mythology/culture/religion, I should probably be an Anthropology or Ancient Studies major. Actually, I'm a psych major with an interest in therapy and counseling. Going to go into nursing school when I graduate and get my RN.

I think I've run out of things to say for now. This should be a much better sketch of who I am than what I used to have up here.

That's vintage "I wrote this in 10 minutes when I made a DW after livejournal went dead to us all." A lot of that stuff is still true but there's a lot more I would add now.

queer dirt witch. anarchist. homebrewer. paid to nerd out about science to kids; here to radicalize the youth as a public service. unrepentant motherfucking homestuck in the year of our lord 2019.

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