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Many pagans and any sensible magical practitioner will have their own rituals and practices for protection, warding, and psychic hygiene. People carry rocks or mojo bags, etch bindrunes and sigils, smudge with sage or other herbs or incenses, sprinkle blessed water or oil, or other more elaborate sequences. At least one individual I know likes to use techniques from a number of different traditions and cultural sources. The idea makes good sense to me--there are more people strongly versed in a single tradition than strongly flexible eclectics, so most people will probably only know a few counters.

So I'm going to write about one of my own personal traditions.

I collect shisa. You'll probably know them better as foo dogs, foo lions, chinese guardian lions, shrine dogs, komainu, shishi, 'that beast in her avatar image,' etc. I specifically say shisa, because that's the name for the regional variant found in Okinawa and the Ryuku islands, and that's the kind I like best.

For as long as I could remember, Dad had a pair of foo dogs, which he bought and brought home from Japan. They're a dark red terracotta, and one of them once broke in half and had to be glued back together, and I love them dearly.

But I could never find another foo dog that looked quite like his pair, until my early years of college. I spotted a singleton in a nearly identical style, but in a heavy white ceramic, with a shiny painted glaze of green and white and copper-brown. I snatched it up from the antique store, learned that it had had a matching left-hand partner dog, but that someone else had bought it a few weeks ago. I was a bit upset that someone would split up a pair like that!

On the other hand, I finally had a foo dog of my own.

Eventually I learned, through one lucky day digging around wikipedia, that the particular liondog variant I liked so much was called a 'shisa,' and that they originated from Okinawa. I would periodically search for the matching partner for my shisa, and I gradually accumulated a collection of other shisa and shrine dogs when I saw the particular arrangment of facial features I like, when I can convince myself to spare the money or wanted it badly enough to tighten my belt, and so on. I think I have enough for now.

I have four 'pairs'/eight statues (one is a left-side singleton to match my original right-side singleton, but it's of a different style) in all by now, and my friends have joked that I can't get any better protected from evil, with all the ceramic guardians I keep around.

Sometimes I just burn incense for the smell, but when I'm in an offering or smudging mood, I give the shisa special attention. Each statuette is picked up in turn and thoroughly 'fed' or wreathed with smoke. Most of them are hollow inside, and one can see the smoke wash out of the open eye, mouth, and noseholes. (It's a neat effect! I'd like to try and find an appropriate cone incense and do it on purpose with the larger statues.) I've also given them good dark chocolate when I have it, candied ginger, and, today, the shared out slices of half an orange.

I suppose you see similar practices in Hinduism, and sometimes in Shinto (people often leave treats or gifts for the fox statues that flank Inari shrines, but I can't find any record of same for the more common and typical statues), but I didn't start doing this out of any conscious choice of emulation. Still, I'm going to keep tending to my little pack of guardian spirits--they've seemingly shown up in visualizations/guided meditations for me a few times now, and I think I'd like to develop this relationship further.
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Well, here I am.

I think I want to start using this thing. Perhaps I'll make a daily post to track my progress and actions taken as I look for a job and get myself a more organized life. My ADHD hates it, but more tightly organizing how I spend my time will help a lot with that.

I joined Ar nDraiocht Fein/ADF druidry this month, and I'm looking forward to more active engagement with my local grove and with myself. (Note to self, make a post talking about the two High Rite rituals I've already attended, Spring Equinox and Lughnassadh.)

Not sure if I'll do the Dedicant's Path/Program right away, but I'm at a point in my life where I've got a lot of free time, easy access to a university library, and I sort of miss studying and research, now that I'm graduated from college. (I plan to go back in the next year-and-change, because the sort of work that I really want to make my vocation is going to require some sort of Master's degree, probably in Social Work. Maybe Public Health.)

Let's make this an introduction post of a sorts. Ask me questions about stuff, any kind of stuff, in the comments! Let's list out some other things I want to be doing with my life right now, or some salient facts about me that those reading this might not know. Equinoxes are good transitions.

I'm drawn to the concept of shamanism, for bucketsfull of reasons. Overlapping, fussy, multitextured reasons. I don't know if I -want- to be a shaman (evidence suggests it is a large bucket of Be Careful What You Wish For, and that the person I am now wouldn't be up to the task), but there are aspects of the role (well, the several roles that it may be) that resonate well with me. I realized while I was writing this post that the concept serves okay as an idealized model for what I want to be doing with my life.

On the mundane side:
Service to a community, the domains of physical and psychological health, healing. Acting as an intermediary or an advocate.

On the spiritual side:
Direct, ecstatic experience with world and spirit and Otherworld. (I have a great deal of curiosity and theoretical knowledge about altered states of consciousness and trance, but not enough personal experience yet. Not in nearly good enough shape or practce to stay up all night dancing or drumming...yet.) Better communication with my guides. Another toolset and another perspective to approach the kinds of work I'm already going to be going anyways, with my life.

But, really, it's the concept of the interdisciplinary approach. The more approaches I can use to understand a situation, the better. The world is not simple, it is complex. The more methods one can utilize at once to handle or manage a complex problem, the better off it will be. I could be talking about mental illness, poverty, or climate change, and the principle holds true.

I want to be a person who understands many perspectives, I want to be a person with many tools at my belt.
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Aaaaargghghg my life has been pretty awesome right now most (Got my DIPLOMA, almost done with my Nursing Assistant Certification course, got promoted to MOD on my favorite internet forum), but right now all I'm trying to figure out is why I'm still awake at 5am in the morning.

I mean, really, Zuki.

That's just ridiculous.

I think my goal for tomorrow (here defined as 'the period of time after I finish sleeping) will be to call and make all those doctor's appointments and then go for a walk. If I have a productive day tomorrow, I will not feel bad about staying up so late when I started saying I'd be going to bed two hours ago.

Unfortunately, as has been observed, when it's too late at night, I lose the ability to care about things properly. This apparently includes whether or not I should be awake or asleep.

Also, I love Chris. I'm very happy and grateful that she is in my life. This thought doesn't have anything to do with any of those other thoughts, but it's a much more pleasant one to dwell on at 5am.

Goodnight, internet.
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Well, that's it.

For now, at least.

On Graduating. )
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Pokemon has been around long enough that the people who liked pokemon as a kid and still do are old enough and secure enough to not be ashamed they still like a kids thing.

As someone who never stopped liking the pokeymans, I think this is pretty cool. As is the fact that there are probably second-generation pokemon-playing kids.
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Hey, why aren't there any comics or graphic novels or anime about fencing? The modern sport, ideally. Japan would probably rather write a manga about kendo, I suppose, but there seems to be at least a tertiary interest in it you look at things like Le Chevalier D'Eon, Utena, historical stuff or faux-historical set in Europe, etc. However, there's a saddening lack of realistic swordplay. (Utena gets a pass for being all about symbolism and image, D'Eon has magical powers but still has people with bad technique, from what I can tell. I couldn't find many clips, though. Magical powers aren't nesc a problem, but realism of motion is.)

Sport fencing is co-ed, has three different sub-events with their own unique characteristics, the controversy of Classical versus Modern-style fencing, and a rich history of characters and legends and famous folk. Also, fencers look damn good in those jackets and leggings, from what I've seen at my brother's tournies.

So why hasn't someone written or drawn this?

(If someone -is- aware of any modern media, be it movie, book, comic, or story, about modern sport fencing, by all means fill me in.)
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I think it's time for another what's-going-on-in-my-life update. Hello!

I'm graduating from UMBC in December, if all goes according to plan. If all goes brilliantly according to plan, I will then begin in the spring getting my master's in Nursing from the University of Baltimore, downtown. This will be shiny, and make me employable. Also, medicine is fun.

Unfortunately, it means I'm stuck in Summer School Hell right now. Taking microbiology and its associated lab at an ultra-compressed schedule is pretty draining. I'm doing well on the lecture, but less sure of my lab status...and I really, really, need good grades for this stuff because the program I want to get into is pretty competitive. And I haven't actually scouted out any back-up schools yet. I need to do that. (The other part of the back-up plan is get my CNA (certified nurse assisant) certification and work a bit while I try to find a program I like/that will accept me.)

Oh. And I need to write The World's Best Application Essay. And figure out how to shove one more class into my fall semester. And get a new pair of glasses. And get my teeth cleaned. And do my laundry. And stop going to bed at 3am. Getting better at that last one.

So when I stop to think about things too much, I get run a bit ragged. I haven't created the time to visit my grove since the summer semester started and I've been seriously slacking off at work in the library.

I've had a lot of fun gaming with Greg and Angie and Jeremy and Jose, though. Spent half the weekend at Jeremy's place last weekend, which was fun but seriously threw off my productivity equilibrium. And I'm going to visit Chris this weekend which shall be much appreciated by both of us. We haven't gotten to see eachother as often as we'd like lately, because I got caught up with finals and family stuff and my brother's graduation. A visit when I got to his house rather than vice versa usually has less time and privacy for cuddling and intimate fun time, but I'd like to be polite to his mom, I haven't been to their house in a while.

I think I'm going to get some outside air and leaf through my textbooks under the big white beech tree outside, but first, I need to respond to a meme. It was originally from moonvoice/Pia:

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

From Pia, I got:

art -- Heh, I probably got this once because I most frequently posted commenting and critiquing hers when she posted it. (Pia is an awesome artist by the way, and you should give her your money like I did.) But on a personal level....hm. Art is something I wish I made more of--I've got a few pieces on the walls of my bedroom that I like, but they're all from projects in high school that I really liked. I can create if I want to, I know I'm a creative-ideas sort-of-person, but I don't have the practice and I've never put in the focus or dedication to really get good at any particular art. I'm also....well, not always that discriminatory in what I like. Zuki is not elitist about this, no sir. But I like art, the act of creation, being around it, having it....etc. Hm.

inspiration -- Hah! Now this is something I've got a surfeit of! I'm one of those idea generating people. I love brainstorming and plotting out concepts. I've spent afternoons designing theoretical stories, video games, rpgs, etc. Maybe the project didn't last longer than a month, but it was fun while it lasted. And who knows when it might be useful again? The creative spark, the fire that gets people going, that first 36-hours-or-so of enthusiasm, that's something really special. I like hearing about my friend's creative endeavors, and I like helping them along the way as a sounding board, a beta reader, a critic, etc. (It's probably compensation for the fact that I don't create as much). I think I've been dubbed 'muse' at least once for this sort of thing, but I might be tooting my own horn a bit here. :D

the present -- And this is where I live. Sometimes I'm impulsive, or I make short-sighted decisions, but it's what works for me, I think. Veering off the planned path tends to result in unexpectedly delightful experiences. Taking one day at a time keeps things manageable, so the Terrible Horrible Weight of Potential Future Failure doesn't eat me, and it's better to learn from my past and figure out how I'll fix things for the next time than let the guilt of past mistake or wrong doing eat at me. I hate the feeling of guilt. Being too much in 'the present' has its disadvantages from the perspectives of memory and planning, but it can keep me grounded too, I think.

otters-- Heh, the icon, right? Otters are one of my favorite animals. I'm fond of the whole mustelid family--weasels, ferrets, skunks, badgers, wolverines, etc.--but otters are loved for their playful-ness, the graceful sinuous lines they trace in the water, curiosity, so on. I'd watch them in the zoo for what seemed like forever when I was a kid. So what if they're not as nimble on land with short legs and a long body? Otter romps and bounces along, lives his or her own life, unconcerned. Otter is a persona that matches good chunks of my own.

water-- An element I relate well with, from the magical/symbological perspective. My brother and I get into debates and discussions all the time, and they frequently start because his tendency towards objectivity or black-and-white will irk me. It's all subjective, it's always subjective! Take the context into consideration! I love the rain and I've deliberately soaked myself in a summer shower more than once. I'm good at dealing with my own emotions and analyzing how I feel. For those of you that hold by astrology, I'm a Cancer, born on July 1st. I 'get' water.

Might edit this later to LJ-cut it for space, but I need to get back to studying for now.
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*inarticulate squeals of glee*

So, those of you that have known me for any significant length of time may have heard that I am very fond of a comic called Digger. It's by an artist named Ursula Vernon, who you may have also heard of heard of from me. In addition to her dubious honor of having birthed the image of the Lolwut Pear -- http://ursulav.deviantart.com/art/The-Biting-Pear-of-Salamanca-29677500 -- and here is my proof.

So. Ursula, in addition to drawing bizarre tea labels and fruit-as-wildlife or fruit-as-surrealist horror, or giant that's-obviously-a-penis rock formations for the spite of it when people accuse her old art of having suspiciously phallic rock formations in it when that was *not* the original intention, has a webcomic called Digger. It has a no-nonsense wombat protagonist who has suddenly found herself in a very, very, strange world--the kind with gods and talking statues and hyena people that want to eat her. And vampire squash. And something that just might be a baby demon that seems to have attached onto her as a mother figure and asks really complicated moral questions.

In other words, you should read this. Really really.


What are you waiting for? Go!

(I did have some problems getting the back/forward buttons on the site to work. Try switching to a different or updating your browser in that event.)
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Some of life has been stressful, but lots of it has also been good. I don't like the way my school schedule has me awake far-too-early in the morning every day of the week, but I do like the big gaps of time between morning and evening classes. Lots of free time to study, have fun, wander about campus, or go on field trips and adventures. My grades seem to be okay. Not Straight-A's, but not C's and terrified depressed strugglings-not-to-fail. I'm either graduating this fall or this spring, and I really need to figure out which soon.

At Chris's insistence, I've slowly started playing World of Warcraft. I have mixed feelings about this, but must admit I tend to have fun. I can see why the game is compelling. Mm. Things have been a touch rockier 'tween Chris and I of late, but I'd rather have that acknowledge and in the open as an issue for discussion rather than having us put eachother in boxes and fake our way through a relationship. We're tentatively planning an Adventure In Manhattan for spring break, which is next week. I have no idea what we're going to do. I'm tentatively trusting myself to brainstorm or improvise even as I worry about the cost of food and parking. And the time to ourselves will be nice indeed.

I'm running a dungeons and dragons game! Though of late many intended sessions have been missed--we have to run on Wednesday nights so one of my favorite players, Kepler, can play. But that subjects myself, my brother, and Rob to the vagaries of sickness and 'OMGAGHHOMEWORK'. And my Dad's 11 o' clock curfew for Loren. Still, we've had terrific hilarious fun--all the players are kobolds and it's this crazy over-the-top comedy kind of game. I DM by making near shit-all up as I go along and figuring out one or two hilarious things to oppose the party with each session. I've been glad for the recent stall, as I need to scribble out a map of the 'dungeon' they'll be entering soon.

Spiritually, stuff has been pretty cool. There's this lovely grove on campus with some big old birch trees in it that I found about three weeks ago, and 'formally' introduced myself to a week or two ago; I'd like to go back there, leave a physical offering of some kind, and appropriate it to practice meditating and etc. in. This should be easier as the weather warms up--it's been taunting us with alternating gorgeous sunny warm days and FREEZING COLD WINDY sunny days and uh, the foot-of-snow Snow Day on March First or so. That was the day I spent mostly leveling on WoW. Shamelessly. The Pagan Student Union is finally getting its kit together--we're running a Q and A session for people to come by and ask us stupid questions about being pagan, occult stuff, the difference between X and Y. We're hopefully bribing them all with free food. College students like free food, right?

I'm not sure what inspired this; I think I was frustrated with my unsuccessful search of something restful to read before bed tonight. Anyhow, it's 2:15 in the morning and I'm making very bad decisions considering I have work at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the library, so adios!
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"Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love."

Responses will go up sometime Monday evening/night. In the meantime I'm writing THE PAPER.
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This is a short tiny post, sort of to remind myself that I'm still alive, and that I've got posts I want to make here (talk about totemism and why it appeals to me, make contact with the local Asatru and ADF groups and find out if they're cool or not. ADF does look cool. Their deity set-up as I understand it on the website seems a little bit too syncretic for my tastes, but I think I'm gonna try and get off work on the Solstice or whenever it was and go to their ritual then to see. That public ritual thing is a policy I can well understand and appreciate, even if I can see why it would also make grumbling.

Oh. And I need to tell the story of My Wallet At The Airport, and talk about Mom and Thanksgiving.

Hmm...I think I'll see you all again on, say, Wednesday night, after the poster presentation is finished for Psych 332. And I'm actually working on things this time, rather than pretending to, being scared that I'll screw up, doing the work at the last minute with much more late-night angst, stress, and self-flagellation* than necessary.

*No, I don't actually hurt myself. Except for the unnecessary sleep deprivation. Which I'm accidentally indulging again. So good night!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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I am thankful for my family, with its bonds of love and friendship that allow us to stay 'together' and stay sharing. The fact that I have to swap off holidays with one parent and one house or another is a trifle and an inconvienience. I'm thankful for my Dad's continued patience and good humor with me, his paying for my college tution (as much as I'd like to shift that responsibility!), my brother's humor, wit and intellectual challenge, and my Mom's unflagging love and devotion to drag me into being an independent and competent person, kicking and screaming if I must.

I am thankful for my friends, especially those new who I've met only in the last year and some months. I've learned a lot from all of you, I hope to learn more in the future. But you're friends, too! I look forward to more conversations, more fun evenings, more good times and sharings as well.

I'm grateful for the pig that died to give me the delicious spareribs I had for dinner tonight, the cows that gave the milk for the cheeses we used to cook the mashed potato dishes, as well as the red and sweet potatoes I love so pulled from the earth. The asparagus, the peas, the apples for cider and pie and any other animal or plant I've forgotten to thank. I'll try to pay you greater mind in the future, all.

I'm thankful for Barrack Obama's election to the 2009-2012 presidency. I'm thankful for the fact that, even if the economy is tanked, it means that gas prices or cheaper.

I'm thankful for all the totems and guides that watch over me and aid me, even if I may not always hear their messages or know their names. I'm thankful for Gods' good creation, sun and rain, seasons and winds and cool winter nights and rainstorms. Tolere!

Thank you.
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I made some bad decisions academically this week that are going to somewhat hose my GPA. Dad won't like that--he'd much rather be paying the tuition of a student that's pulling better than a 3.0 and I'm not sure I'm gonna pull any A's this semester. But I'm not going to mope about that because what I need to do is keep going forward.

I went this nifty workshop Friday night )
What I want to do with my life: heal and help people, one way or another )
PTSD, trust, friendship, my friend Olivia )

This was going to be a reflective outro but it turned into talking about my brother having the flu )

Okay! That's it! I'm done typing! I've got crazy messed-up-sleep rambling 3am diarrhea of the fingers! Clearly, I have made up for my previous lack of typings, and can spend the rest of the weekend, such as it exists, working on homework and studying and slacking off in less obvious ways. Apologies for giving you all a giant Wall of Text to read, rather than something more manageable and single-topic.


Nov. 5th, 2008 12:44 am
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So. Looks like Obama's gonna be our next President. Excellent. I feel optimistic and hopeful about the future of our country, which is a nice change. Even doubly so, seeing as this was the first presidential election I got to vote for. I'm still annoyed we don't know the results for a few of the really close races like Indiana and North Carolina.

All the joyous liberal cheering about Obama aside, or cheering that the Democratic party picked up some extra Senate and House seats, some in unexpected places, or annoyance that I don't know if there's enough of a difference to present an anti-filibustering voting block, there was one things I really did like about this election:

--Massive Voter Turnout. Here's to hoping that the excitement and duty that swept up this country sticks around in the long run. After all, if you did it once, you'll be more likely to do it again. Especially if, as I bet, those new voters or first-in-a-longtime voters had a positive first experience. Considering how relatively even the popular vote has turned out to be overall, I think the 'get out the vote' kind of programs and rallying really did turn out to be crucial to Obama's victories--guessing this based on the way that while the popular vote was split more evenly, the electoral was a landslide. It was an impressive feat of campaign strategy and political skill, that.

On McCain's concession speech, I have two thoughts:

One, the way his audience was booing was seriously not classy. Really, guys. It's that sort of stuff that drags us all down. McCain was giving a good speech. I thought that the interplay with Lincoln and mention that both McCain and Obama used was an interesting coincidence, though in retrospect not so surprising.

Secondly...I wasn't hallucinating, was I? That was the Pirates of the Caribbean theme I heard, right? After the end of McCain's speech? I was watching CBS, if that helps.

Last minute edit:

And now, the real work and challenge begins.
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Well, I voted. Obama, Biden, and the Democratic incumbent in the House of Representatives. Apparently Baltimore county has a good bond rating, so I decided to okay all of the 'create-a-bond' to pay for this new measure stuff on the county ballot. Voted yes on the early voting initiative, voted a still-somewhat uncertain no on the addition of video slot machines to some preexisting gambling venues to the state.

The latter my Dad and I were divided about--his position was that any amount of revenue added to the state, especially to pay for schools, would be worth it. After a bit of research I instead concluded that when you factor in the cost of setting up and installing and administering the new video slots machines, the amount of revenue that would realistically be 'reclaimed' by in-state slots (considering that the nearest out-of-state venues are big complicated commercial operations that could easily upscale to compete with our additions), the fact that it's not actually going to save horse racing and that the people most likely to be putting money in the slots are the ones that don't have enough money to pay for things in the first place, I voted no on it. It seemed like a quick-fix problem, even if the wording of the ballot was careful and specific about where the slots would go, and that it didn't mean further expansion of gambling, just the sale of that specific number of slot licenses.

So. That's my post for today, I'll beg off on those other cool things I promised y'all in favor of getting back to what's been keeping me away all weekend: working on my prospectus and presentation for my Psychology class, and muttering and grumbling all the while that this is supposed to be a group project and my partner's being not-very-sensible. Details to follow when 'crisis' is over, in....30 hours or so.

Hey, cool. We'll have a new president elected by then. I'm gonna turn on some NPR.
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This is a short mini-placeholder for form's sake, because my goal for this month is that while all those crazy other folks are tackling their NaNoWriMo novels, I'm going to see if I can blog something and provide a little content here everyday. I've got a pretty interesting backlog of the last week (And even yesterday!) to work on, but I want to go downstairs and straighten up a bit more. I'm feeling upset at myself for spending my time 'badly' today, and taking control of my envionment a bit and cleaning up the kitchen is a good reset button for mindlessly spending most day sleeping or on the internet surfing.

Give me 20 minutes or so+Time to Write the Post, and there should be *real* content here.

Preview Topics: Halloween (Rocky Horror! Friends!), What the Pagan Student Union has been up to (our How To Read Tarot Cards night went spectacularly well), and "Eeee, I'm buying a painting!" (Money I Shouldn't Be Spending, Pia Is Awesome.)
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So, after the pretty damn positive response from all corners of people-who-read-this-tiny-blog, I resolved to start actually posting regularly. I sort of wanted to do it the very day afterwards, but I like to provide content and all, and "Hey, looks like I'll try and post more after all!" isn't much in the way of content. If I wanted to do that, I could get a Twitter. Actually, I suspect twitter could work quite well for me but I don't like the concept for some reason.

Any-whoodle, what's up in the life of Zuki?

Some Angst about school and grades )

Belief stuff, subcultures. What I want, how will I get it. )

Hm. I seem to have run out of Rambling and Rumination time, so I'll have to come back later and talk more about what I actually want out of my life and my spiritual practice more later. I've got to go do some proper work here in the library. On the clock and all. (It's just so slow on Sundays!)

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So recently I've been doing a bit more here and there on various pagan communities or journals here on LJ. I've friended several rather interesting folks, and been friended in turn. I always feel a little bit sheepish about that second part, because I provide essentially no content on my actual Livejournal. I post about once a season when I'm in a particularly good mood, often about a month or two weeks after whatever event it was put me in a particularly good mood.

I think part of the reason I feel reticent about posting is that I'm not quite sure if the groups of people that originally friended me (acquaintances from real-life, webcomics, anime fandom, etc) are all that interested in what I might be babbling about on my LJ now (being a treasurer for the Pagan Student Union at my college, trying to be a totemist and an animist, recording meditations or dreams. Possibly relationship stuff, college stuff, and in the future, job-hunt stuff.)

One solution that I've seen other people take would be to set up a collection of filters for people to opt in to, but I'm not sure I post often enough for that to be an issue just the same. I'm pretty sure I've got an open-minded enough set of LJ-Friends that it doesn't really matter what I end up posting about, but I don't really now for certain.

What do you all think? Can anyone imagine any topic I might end up discussing that they'd rather not be reading? Should I just learn to use cuts and tags and filters?

Or should I just hang all that and post more often, dangit?

If you don't pipe up I'll probably assume you don't have an opinion, or don't really read the rare things that I have to say in here.
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Otakon was a whole frickton of fun that I'll take about later. So has been helping Chris out with his Avatar d20 project. That is, Avatar the Last Airbender, and how to play it with the 3.5 DnD system. But mostly this is an excuse to show off the fruits of entirely too many screen refreshes at that damn "Get your own dragon!" website that's so damn popular. Yes, I'm weak. I gave in.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

It's an abandoned egg though, so I've only got about a day and a half for this baby to hatch. Lessee if I fail or not, eh?

(Post will be edited later with more actual content, I swear! As opposed to with two more addictive eggs)
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So I'm going to whip out a it's-finally-good-and-spring HOORAY! post because, well, life has been pretty awesome. The plums and forsynthias are in bloom, I had a killer time hanging out at Turning Wheel with Jess and John and two other neat people that happened to wander in. We played Pass-the-Energy-Ball, which was a fun first. I am returning home from Turning Wheel with a beautiful little bowl made out of some kind of deep green stone; I'd like to make it an offering bowl of some kind, it's got a really earthy mossy shade-under-trees look and feel to it. Maybe I'll just keep some dirt in it and burn incense.

In a bit, they'll be arriving with Kristen and someone else I don't know in tow, and we're going to have popcorn and pizza and 80's cartoons marathon thing. He-Man and She-Ra and Gem, and all that.

I'm also blogging now to get one last gasp of the word out about the content strike many LJ users will be participating in, in protest of many of the recently enacted policies, such as the removal of the Basic account option for new users and the attempt to pass this by the community with nary a word said. I rarely blog as it is, so I figured that a post today, and perhaps a post the day after tomorrow, will help make the point.
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