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Well, here I am.

I think I want to start using this thing. Perhaps I'll make a daily post to track my progress and actions taken as I look for a job and get myself a more organized life. My ADHD hates it, but more tightly organizing how I spend my time will help a lot with that.

I joined Ar nDraiocht Fein/ADF druidry this month, and I'm looking forward to more active engagement with my local grove and with myself. (Note to self, make a post talking about the two High Rite rituals I've already attended, Spring Equinox and Lughnassadh.)

Not sure if I'll do the Dedicant's Path/Program right away, but I'm at a point in my life where I've got a lot of free time, easy access to a university library, and I sort of miss studying and research, now that I'm graduated from college. (I plan to go back in the next year-and-change, because the sort of work that I really want to make my vocation is going to require some sort of Master's degree, probably in Social Work. Maybe Public Health.)

Let's make this an introduction post of a sorts. Ask me questions about stuff, any kind of stuff, in the comments! Let's list out some other things I want to be doing with my life right now, or some salient facts about me that those reading this might not know. Equinoxes are good transitions.

I'm drawn to the concept of shamanism, for bucketsfull of reasons. Overlapping, fussy, multitextured reasons. I don't know if I -want- to be a shaman (evidence suggests it is a large bucket of Be Careful What You Wish For, and that the person I am now wouldn't be up to the task), but there are aspects of the role (well, the several roles that it may be) that resonate well with me. I realized while I was writing this post that the concept serves okay as an idealized model for what I want to be doing with my life.

On the mundane side:
Service to a community, the domains of physical and psychological health, healing. Acting as an intermediary or an advocate.

On the spiritual side:
Direct, ecstatic experience with world and spirit and Otherworld. (I have a great deal of curiosity and theoretical knowledge about altered states of consciousness and trance, but not enough personal experience yet. Not in nearly good enough shape or practce to stay up all night dancing or drumming...yet.) Better communication with my guides. Another toolset and another perspective to approach the kinds of work I'm already going to be going anyways, with my life.

But, really, it's the concept of the interdisciplinary approach. The more approaches I can use to understand a situation, the better. The world is not simple, it is complex. The more methods one can utilize at once to handle or manage a complex problem, the better off it will be. I could be talking about mental illness, poverty, or climate change, and the principle holds true.

I want to be a person who understands many perspectives, I want to be a person with many tools at my belt.
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