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Well, I voted. Obama, Biden, and the Democratic incumbent in the House of Representatives. Apparently Baltimore county has a good bond rating, so I decided to okay all of the 'create-a-bond' to pay for this new measure stuff on the county ballot. Voted yes on the early voting initiative, voted a still-somewhat uncertain no on the addition of video slot machines to some preexisting gambling venues to the state.

The latter my Dad and I were divided about--his position was that any amount of revenue added to the state, especially to pay for schools, would be worth it. After a bit of research I instead concluded that when you factor in the cost of setting up and installing and administering the new video slots machines, the amount of revenue that would realistically be 'reclaimed' by in-state slots (considering that the nearest out-of-state venues are big complicated commercial operations that could easily upscale to compete with our additions), the fact that it's not actually going to save horse racing and that the people most likely to be putting money in the slots are the ones that don't have enough money to pay for things in the first place, I voted no on it. It seemed like a quick-fix problem, even if the wording of the ballot was careful and specific about where the slots would go, and that it didn't mean further expansion of gambling, just the sale of that specific number of slot licenses.

So. That's my post for today, I'll beg off on those other cool things I promised y'all in favor of getting back to what's been keeping me away all weekend: working on my prospectus and presentation for my Psychology class, and muttering and grumbling all the while that this is supposed to be a group project and my partner's being not-very-sensible. Details to follow when 'crisis' is over, in....30 hours or so.

Hey, cool. We'll have a new president elected by then. I'm gonna turn on some NPR.


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