Mar. 24th, 2006

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Oh crap. I just typed up this long and awesome entry about anime oasis, and spring, and then I was going to move onto how I felt about spring break and Chris.....and then I accidentally deleted it. And then another draft got autosaved over that one. Crap crap crap crap crap. I do not like this.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit pressed for time--I need to shower and study for my Masculinities Midterm--my gender studies class--so anyone who wants to know about spring, plum blossoms, how I tore up the dance floor for several hours straight and was complimented by a random stranger or two for it, or how the sheer energy and enthusiasm of a roomful of con-goers and two male voice actors doing a (cheesy) 80's romantic ballad set off the heat sensor and the fire alarm--and sent the entire con outside into the evening while we waited for the fire department to come, or how the same thing basically happened again the next day---well, you'll just have to wait. I'm sorry.

Suffice to say, I've been having a very good time.

I love spring. I feel full of energy and motivation today, even though it's been overcast most of the day. it's still been warm enough to wear spaghetti strap shirts and walk barefoot on the grass (the green grass!) and concrete.

I bought a new sarong at Anime Oasis, it's a flame orange-yellow, with three celtic...triskelions? I think that's what they're called on it, in black, surrounded by a general celtic knot pattern/weave. I wore it over my black slacks as a skirt earlier today, before switching to cooler clothes.

(Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring!)

One final thought occurs to me.

I've always liked the Chinese image/idea that dragons hibernate in the rivers during winter. Well, actually, that they awaken and rise back up to the sky during spring, bringing thunderstorms and rain with them. Bringing renewal. Bringing energy. I love the reawakening of spring, and, well, anyone with any reason to be reading this knows about Kalen and dragons.

Mmm, yes, I do love spring.


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