Mar. 9th, 2006

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You heard me. Hat with ears.

It came from a little place called, which is run by a friend or accquaintance of Chris. She knits nifty things, and sells them. Like monsters, or accessories.

So this forest green (not really a luminous green, but a good solid forest or pine,) hat came in my mail today. Not a "you have a package" slip, but the bubble-wrap infused manilla envelope. Saw that in my mail slot, and I knew what it was. It's more rectangular in shape than I expected, pleasantly soft and knit-knobbly to the touch or stroke, and the ears are indicated by patches of green fabric sewn onto the corners, which stick out rather than conform to the shape of my head.

'Twas a valentine's day gift from Chris.

It's the ninth of march.

Do I care?


Hat with ears!
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T'ai Chi class was most cool today indeed.

Pun unintended.

Even if as I hopped outside to jog to class, it was thickly snowing.

Those of us new to the art pretty much have the first part of the form down by now. Next Tuesday, we'll start learning the second part, but today we just talked/did a bit about/with standing meditations.

Anyone who is familiar with what I am talking about, and possibly finds the concept evil or tortuous--that is, assuming a pose, [i]and staying there[/i] for a couple (several) minutes, and finding out nifty things about your breathing, balance, and possibly energy flow.

Then, we actually did a bit of mucking around with energy. So to speak.

I found it extremely gratifying to hear that "x, y, and z, are traditionally thought to be signs that chi is moving in the body/hands/x," because it matched up well with what I was feeling, and what I've felt in the past when I've tried to do things like put a ball of energy in my hands/pretend to do so/etc. Wheee, looks like I'm doing it right.

Audrey's reaction to this was even more amusing: chuckling with glee and amusement as she moved the energy around. Not that I could see it, but with a reaction like that, (and knowing Audrey) how could I doubt what was there?

There was brief discussion of this between her and I as we walked to the sub. I said my goodbyes to the Gaming Club (normally I play 'til midnight on Thursdays but I have a paper and a presentation due tomorrow), and left.

Snow lingered on the ground as I began the walk back to the dorm, carton of milk and energy bar in hand.

I thought about it.

I told myself I was a bit silly.

I slipped off my flipflops, picked them up, and ran across the snowy field, barefoot.

Soggy, Snowy, Wet, Cold.

Why do I enjoy running through snow barefoot?

I'm not sure. Well, okay, after a moments reflection I do know why. Which is a bit annoying, because it ruins the pacing of the closing of this post:

But I think it's one of the things that makes me, me.


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