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Hmm. There's a meme going around, so I hear, that this March is Questions Month. I've accquired a suprisingly large number of friends on LJ for one reason or another, and I sometimes feel ackward about not providing much in the way of content here.

So...ask away, old and new. Maybe we'll learn something.
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Okay, so it's been Too Damn Long since I've posted a blog entry. But life's been good lately, so I might as well rattle on a bit.

I've got Valentine's Day rescheduled for this weekend; I'll be driving down with a card and a box of strawberries and dipping chocolate if I can manage it. Don't know if we've got anything planned or in mind per se, but it'll just be good to see Chris again. It's a long slog down to Williamsburg, but infinitely better than a plane flight.

Tomorrow I shall be helping a lovesick friend through Singles Appreciation and Awareness day.

Life is good!

I'm becoming decidedly fond of the bookshop known as Turning Wheel in my area, especially their bargain box, from which one fishes books out, and pays for them by the pound. ($4 a pound.) I've snagged one find I've been wanting for a while based on good good recommendations (Ecoshamanism, by James Endredy. Haven't read it through yet, I've got a big stack to work on and I keep adding to it!)

As I've slowly crept back into a more active interest/participation in paganism and magic type stuff, Norse mythology and the runes have perked my interest. Digging around in studies of this, even drier anthropological/historical accounts of religious life and worship, and academic books that ruthlessly skewer older popular conceptions of the meanings and significances of various found runestones and inscriptions, has been a lot of fun. A little disappointing to have someone point out things like "Going by the dates established, this was written in proto-germanic, not Old Norse, so it can't possibly mean such-and-such," or "...[this] was probably a typo, and [that] may well have been a popular 'commercial' formula for dime-a-dozen magic bracelets and amulets for the illiterate." Anthropology and history are things I love to study and learn about, so having this background before I start delving into the Stephen Flowers/Edred Thorsson and other more mystically minded authors will be nice and shiny. As a reward for getting the Elder Futhark more or less properly memorized for names, order, and basic concept, I bought myself a set of runes tonight. They're made from bone, nice smooth clean tiles.

Olivia's found a great wealth of sites for further exploration, after the drainage tunnel under UMBC we checked out during winter break went so well. She's very cautious though, and worried about asbestos; we'll need respirators and filters before we can check out some of those new places. Proof that my campus is nerdy: graffiti on the walls of the tunnel included references to All Your Base, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Legend of Zelda ("Hyrule High," and a triforce symbol), Snow Crash (the name Hiro Protagonist appeared at one point), and 101 digits of Pi. The most recent date in the tunnels was '07, the oldest '78. We took pictures, and had a grand old time. I want to come back later and replicate some famous cave art on the walls, maybe sign it "Courtesy of Pagan Student Union 2008". Aurochs are so cool. Or perhaps the figure of The Sorcerer?
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AstralFire IX (2:14:14 AM): Apparently everyone knows we were getting married and it was a matter of when the subject would come up

...It figures. Both our moms knew/had figured it out, even if neither one of us had ever breathed a word. I guess actions speak louder than words.

AstralFire IX (2:16:16 AM): I was expecting more... shock
AstralFire IX (2:16:25 AM): I'm hoping dad will deliver on that point.
AzukiWeasel (2:16:47 AM): *chuckles* We want someone to be surprised, eh?

Maybe the other half of our parental units, then?

...but this adds an extra layer of tension and worry to my planned Friday visit. If things are more official now, I should take greater care in how I conduct myself at the Rollins house. Chris has never had a problem, Mom and Dad love him. But I worry about the challenge of courting Chang Rollins, as it were.
Monday night my friend Jess made a big (awesome! completely awesome and delicious!) early thanksgiving dinner, and invited all her friends over. (A pretty large group, spanning the core chunk of the admittedly-small Pagan Student Union, friends and acquaintances that I didn't know so well like the two or three Ethiopian girls, and Hamza, the pro-jewish muslim guy that I'm starting to suspect knows everyone on campus. At least, all the jews. He is an honorary jew, I have so been informed, and a pretty cool dude at that. Anyhow.)

While dinner was still cooking, and Jess was out at class, Olivia, Jon, and I were just hanging out in the living room of the apartment, talking about what-have-you. Jon's recently collected a few small lithium quartz pebbles off campus and was working with them to practice lithomancy. Y'know, throw the pebbles, interpret the pattern. Very old-school, rather uncommon these days. But he felt he had a talent for it. He'd recently added a few more pebbles to the set, and was working to get them to integrate or cooperate energetically or what-have-you with the other ones--two tended to always land next to each other, for example. So we all asked a question or two, or threw the rocks just for the feel of it.

I asked for advice on how to get to know Mrs. Rollins, seeing as I couldn't come up with any other more pressing questions to ask the cosmos, and well, it's something I think about from time to time. Rocks fall. It's...an anchor. Sure, this is pebbles on a tabletop, but my brain said 'anchor.' There's a little hemming and hawing as we keep looking at it, snap a picture on the cellphone for later. Somewhere in my head is the idea that an anchor is a Christian symbol, though I can't remember signifying what or where I got that from. A little while later, a little general discussion and musing, it clicks. Patience. Endurance. Give it time. Possibly also with connotations of 'find something to hook/hold onto.' A shared interest?

Anyways...the long and the short of *that* was, I probably shouldn't worry so much short-term.

That was also an excruciatingly fun evening, the food was delicious (especially the yam casserole!), and the post-dinner conversation largely consisted of a collection of female friends working or interpreting lousy or skillful innuendo into everything said, and occasionally randomly hugging Olivia, who's instinctive reaction is Wing Chun defensive postures. Girl needs to learn how to take physical affection. We're desensitizing her. ;P
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I could talk about how I discovered where all the crows on campus were hiding, and how my exploring of the further forested reaches of campus turned to me standing there, just a bit dumbstruck, at the critical mass of crows, tens and tens and dozens of them, swarming the trees, roosting, leaving their roosts, jostling and jockeying for position, crowing and cawing and all those other crow sounds all the while. That was Monday.

I could talk about how I've had it up to here with my academic slacking (as manifested by a 73% on a chemistry test, and how I've made a deliberate effort to regularly attend class on time, stay awake, take notes, and do a little work at home, and how two or three days of this have been incredibly moralizing and I'll probably keep it up.

I could talk about the good time I had last night, coming to t'ai chi for the first time in about a month. Truly, I shouldn't have skipped. Heck, I need to start practicing more than once a month. Even if I know the whole form, I don't know it the way it's being taught to me now, which is slightly different. A little more old-fashioned, and a lot less streamlined. I'm fairly certain that I can recognize and create the feeling of chi, but that's with the form I'm familiar with. Learning to get the same sensation with a just slightly different set of movements is a good challenge. I could also talk about what happened after t'ai chi: a bunch of people came into the room we were using, bearing food and speakers. (chips, salsa, grapes, pita, and hummus.) 'Lo, I was invited to stay, eat a little...and learn some Israeli (folk) dancing. This was both fun and educational. I think I caught on faster than any of the other raw newbies that'd never done this before (the small majority of which I think were Jewish, but it wasn't really relevant who was and wasn't. The Jewish community on campus is active though, and I think that's cool.)

It came to my attention during the half-hour before the class actually started that maybe I'm pretty good at this dancing thing. Someone commented with suprise at how quickly I picked things up while the teaching student and someone else who was familiar with the dances were just fiddling around with the music, showing off a bit and warming up. I followed along as best I could. Well, I like dancing. I've done a fair bit different varieties: a year or two of tap in elementary school, ballet starting at about the same time continuing on up until 8th or 9th grade, a little bit of swing and couple dancing in cotillion in middle school, and various random "we're going to teach you guys how to swing!" things. And freestyle, make-it-up as you go, to one's mp3 player, or pretending one knows how to rave at an anime convention dance. I guess I do have more dance experience than the average Jill, even if it's a bit spotty and unfocused.

There's also the matter that the friend I made at this event is a rather interesting sort, an open-minded geek that was totally flirting with me at the end. (Offered to walk me to the car, stole a kiss of the back of my hand after I drove him up to his apartments.) Rather bold, but that's a change and a refreshing one. Theoretically, I was flirting right back by being friendly, saying yes to the walk and yes to the drive, but...eh. I'm not worried. Fish'll learn soon enough. (You reading this yet, Fish? I know you've got my LJ now...)
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ack! I completely forgot to provide the reason I ended up posting that after all. I wanted to link a great essay dug up by someone else whose blog I read:

"Shakespeare in the Bush"

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Chris had a four-day weekend, Saturday-Tuesday, and he needed to come up to DC to check out the Smithsonian Native American Indian museum for a school project. So we spent the weekend together, taking the metro to DC this afternoon after I got out of class to look at the museum. It's been such a fantabulous wonderful three days. I feel happy and relaxed and loved and loving, and not particularly like doing any work for school just yet. I've been giggling with glee and amusement for significant portions of the evening, and I now have a better understanding of just what feeling light-headed is. I'm going to go curl up in my bed and be happy for a while now, and set an early alarm.

I love you, Chris.
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So, instead of being responsible, I went to the Maryland Ren Fest today. It is huge. Huge with a capitical HUEG, as a lolcat might say.

The comedy routines that I was told were must-sees by my friends were so-so ish, but I got to gnaw on a roast turkey leg, lookit all the pretty pretty garb, and buy a stamped-coin bronze pendant. I was very tempted to buy one identical in pattern to the bronze pendant I bought Chris for Christmas way back when. (Phoenix on one side, Chartes Labyrinth on the other.) After much thought, I went with a 'Tree of Life' on one side and a cool supposedly norse lightning pattern on the other. Sure, I *could* have gotten a dragon, but...there will be more times later.

I'm still kinda wondering if I should have gotten Phoenix and Lightning. But I liked the combination of Tree and Storm. The symbolisms interlock well in my head, and mean something to me.

So. That was the Ren Faire. I should probably mention one more time how huge it was.
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I just had cause to post an introductory comment on someone's livejournal, and I rather liked the look of it--I thought it might be useful to repost it here, let all y'all that I might not have been communicating with recently take a look, ask questions, etc. Believe it or not, I *do* occaisionally feel bad about never posting. I'll be slightly editing and adding commentary, I think.
Hey, I'm Zuki, or, if you prefer, Kalen.

I've recently undergone some moderately significant life changes that I've been too busy to blog about, because I prefer telling people things personally, and by the time I'm ready to blog, I don't want to rehash things anymore. This is why I update so seldom.

(These consist mostly of moving across country with the intent to stay there for at least several years, with the intent to get and finish my education at a better institution. I think I'd like to be a psychaiatrist, but med-school makes me nervous. Nevertheless, I'm currently chasing psychology with pre-med. I like my new college! It has drainage tunnels and steam tunnels that I'm looking forward to exploring--and I already have someone that'll do that with me. I am, however, saddened that it has noticeably fewer crows, geese, and squirrels than BSU did, and it's not in the middle of the city. On the other hand, I'm not paying for rent, and I can ride the bus to campus until I get a car. I need my own car again soon!

Two summer vacations, one with Dad and one with Mom, and going to a great local convention are other reasons why I've been nonblogging this summer. I'm wearing the 'Werewolves for Jesus' shirt I got at that convention right now, actually. :D)

'Ambivalent' is a good word for my relationship with that great big nebluous draconity thing--I've recently been content to be 'just human,' but stil maintaining ties with people in the community that I enjoy talking to, reading blogs, etc. Now that I'm back in college (at a new school, on a different side of the country, no less!), I've got the time to introspect, hang out/work in libraries, and 'feel draconic' again. Something about libraries has always brought that mindset/those sensations out in me. I should just get used to this being a cyclical thing, I suppose.

(Eh, not much to say about this. Those of you I've known for a while I've probably brought this sort of thing up with eventually, and I don't think I know anyone that's negatively reacted to the whole otherkin-therian-dragon-What? thing, but I still don't like discussing it 'out in the open,' as it were. Shoot me questions in the comments section, if you need more.)

I'm not pagan, or a practicioner of magic or shamanism or energy manipulation, but I think all of these sorts of things are very interesting and I'd like to learn more and maybe dabble a bit, find something I'd like to practice more intently. Jungian psychology, and taoist thought and practice can also be added to this list. I do, however, practice T'ai Chi, though I'm a bit rusty and need to find a new group. On a somewhat related side note, I'm utterly thrilled to be taking an Ancient Chinese Literature class this semester, and so far it looks to be meeting my expectations of awesome. I'm a little bit worried about having to bust out a ten page paper on Outlaws of the Marsh or Journey to the West (I get a choice, but I've narrowed it down to two out of six choices of book), but I'm pretty sure I could find ten pages worth of things to say as well.

(Not much to say here. I *will* make contact with the secretive and mysterious T'ai Ji club here on campus--apparently they've been undergoing some organizational restructurings, and the website was out of date. But, grr. If you think you know something relevant, reccomend me a book!)

I love reading and discussing a good book, and I'm rather fond of Terry Pratchett, Haruki Murakami, and what little I've managed to read of Michael Ende. But if it comes to me with a good reccomendation, I can be pretty indiscriminate about what I read.

(Those were just the first three authors that popped into my head, naturally.)

I like to walk barefoot or in flip-flops whenever I can, until my feet start freezing, which is annoying because I lost both my pairs of sandals to the ocean during my summer vacations. One pair of the Atlantic, one pair to the Pacific.

That's about it. Questions? Introductions? Anything else at all?
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Well, that was fun!

Last night, I went down to Barnes and Noble with my brother (after discovering that my old, favorite Border was out of business. Saaaaaaad. I was very upset. The one at the mall's not good enough! It's laid out all funny, too!). I was going to pick up a copy of the Exalted Core book, but while I was stalling abouit going up to the counter and flipping though a Werewolf: the Forsaken book, some other gamers came up, looking to see if there was a copy of Mutants and Masterminds for sale. It's a d20 book for superheroic type games--the system is actually quite flexible if you're willing to strip out this and that, so it does supers better than you might expect. Well, one thing led to another and we happily chattered away for an hour and a half or so. What really made this neat, though, was that I'd actually heard of these guys and their gaming group, obliquely. They're, if I recall, friends of someone whose LJ I read, and one of the people there was, if not someone I've friended, someone that I've familiar with as we read and comment on the same journals. We didn't get to talk, but I got to meet Musegryph all the same. Awesomesauce!

So I'll go friend said 'gryph now, and get back to my business. Here's to hoping that I get to meet you dOrange folks again at Fandemonium, even if our schedules aren't matching up that I could come over and game with you some time before the move.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 02:11 pm
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Starlingly conclusive proof of the Satanist Agenda hidden in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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So I have a neat sort of dielemma that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the crazy things I need to be paying attention to.

Over the course of this semester I have had the misfortune to lose three of my favorite articles of clothing: two hats and one shirt. As luck would have it, I've found the shirt for sale again, online, at some clothing store in New York. I'm considering buying it, and having it shipped to me. $45, which is not what I originally paid for it (as I snagged it on sale/off the clearance rack at REI, and got the one with the best version of the spiral tie-dyed onto the front.) With a second chance like this, beggars can't be choosers. Still, I guess I'm posin' a semi-retorical question here to all of you:

Would you pay fifty bucks to get your favorite shirt back?


May. 9th, 2007 02:45 pm
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And, that's it. My last finals done. I'd call it freedom, but what it's really done is just freed me up to focus on all those other things I've been neglecting. Gotta write that essay and send off those applications to colleges I'd like to transfer to. (I owe it to myself to get out of town.) Gotta find a dress and a gift for my friend's wedding on the second. Gotta make sure this summer doesn't slouch. That I don't, as much as I'd love to, let it slide by in a mindless binge of enjoyment. Maybe a few, smaller, more mindful ones. Interspersed among work and more 'productive' stuff. Because, come this time next year, I want to be a lot more firmly established and parentally independent than I am now.
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Well, I smoked the theatre final. That felt pretty good. Then I head off to work the bookstore in 20 minutes or so, then dash down to the communication building for that test. Updates on that after five o' clock.

Here's to hoping that I don't spend all my sold-back textbook money on bracelets and pottery, even though I really want to. The end-of-semester Clay and Fire sale BSU puts on is always really neat, and even though they're down to the dregs this being the last day of said sale and all, there's still several $10, $20, or even $30 pieces I'd like to snag. I *could* afford them. I've already got some buyback cash quietly burning pocket holes. But I know better. I've already got a bowl. What would I do with another?

And yet, pretty.


I don't think I aced the communications final, but I do feel that I did well. Also, attended a showcase of persuasive speeches that evening for extra credit--and a few more points of credit on top of that for being willing to go up and do some silly Improv 'Whose line is it anyway?" stuffs to help stall while the judges were judging and suchlike. My comm prof was MC for that, and had gotten roped into it at the last minute, so she bribed her students to ensure participation. Ah well, it was fun. I wasn't quite as funny as I could have been, but I had one or two good lines--and nudged my partner into making one I didn't have the guts for. So! Life is good! Work, which is what I'm doing all day at the bookstore, is also good! I enjoy working the buyback season, it's much more interesting and stimulating than ordinary cashiering.

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Mrrhee hee hee heee! I've successfully managed to talk one of the members of my gaming group to take a look at Chris's book for a while! With any luck I'll have another convert!

Those of you with no idea what I'm talking about are henceforth directed to www.theanteheroes.com to attain greater understanding. Those of you who *do* know what I'm talking about shouldst go forth anyways, and buy the book. *grins*
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I've given into the dark side. On the other hand, it's for a valid cause--promoting the apparently upcoming Golden Compass Movie.

So. Shiny Daemon thingy.


'Twas originally an oceolot but I accidentally messed with it and now I suspect it is a ferret or an ermine or some such. Go and poke my inner animal soul some more, I say!
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So, the anime convention was pretty good. Not *quite* as good as last year, it seems, but I'm thinking that's at least one-part nostalgia factor, fiddled in with the general social state and goings-on of the on. Nontheless, I had fun, met and re-met cool people, danced my legs cramped and my heart out on Saturday night, and then proceeded to not go to sleep on Saturday until five am. Also, I accquired both Black Mages cd's. Video Game music remixed into orchestral and rock, by the original composers. Yay yay yay.


Topic of post. Yes, I bought a pretty thing today. It should be coming in the mail soonish. It looks like this: http://www.thegreenwolf.com/images2/stonedragon.jpg

'Twas made by someone who I read the LJ of here, Lupa. She is, from what I can tell via prolific LJ posts and website poking, a very interesting sort of person. Sells her own art and books via small-press and website.

Life is good. Spring is here--yesterday it was sweltering hot, today it is overcast and rainy. This is a good thing, because I love the taste and smell of rain. I have been known to set a bowl outside to collect and drink it, health hazards be dammned.

However, I have two tests and a speech and a few other things due this week. So I need to get offline and back to busy-busy. Spring Break is next week for me, and while I won't get to spend it with Chris, I'm looking forward to a week of lazing about, sunshine, internet, books, and spring.
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So....I got sick of the old message. And one update every two months is just about right for me.

So. Life is good. Life has been pretty good indeed.

I'm going all right in school, though I could be doing a bit better--fortunately it's February and I've plenty of time to scare myself a bit and take things more seriously.

Gaming's been good--I even ran a session myself, and hope to do so again. I keep wimping out, though.

The weather's been nice, too. There's snow on the groud, and it half-snowed earlier this week mardi gras night as well--but it's actually been really warm and nice! Flip-flop weather for a bare foot fond type like myself. Green grass starting to sprout, new shoots of yarrow and all that. Yarrow shoots are tasty, by the way. They don't have the nice smell of grown yarrow, but they aren't bitter either.

Chris and I cancelled Valentine's day last week because we couldn't think of anything to get eachother, and we didn't want to feed the capitalist machine-monster of Hallmark for the heck of it. There's a DVD that I've got my eye on for him though, maybe, and....y'know, I'd really like a pair of toe-socks that I can wear with flipflops. I like cool socks, and the green and purple striped pair I've got is wearing rather thin.

Also! On wednesday night I saw Man of La Mancha, and I really liked it. It was for a drama paper I need to write, but...I think I can totally write that paper. I'm good at analysis and theme-picking, I knew what I wanted to write about about, oh, half way through the play, and there's tons of stuff to support it. Also, the play was really good. I was the first to stand up at the end whilst clapping. I think I'll go see it again--I mean, you don't write a paper on a piece of literature after just reading it once, though apparently the ephemeral nature of theatre is part of the point.

And yesterday? I made soup. A couple weeks back, I attempted soup....and forgot to turn it off at night while it was simmering....so I woke up at five in the morning, smelling smoke and terrified until I realized that it wasn't fire, just the soup. The I was aggravated and cursing. House smelled like ash for the rest of the week and a bit. But I bought more vegetables,and tried again yesterday, starting earlier in the day. Black beans, kideny beans, and garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas), tomatoes, onion (it needs more onion), and garlic (garlic levels are acceptable, but slightly suboptimal). Oh, and mostly seasoned with basil. As one might imagine, it tastes a bit like spaghetti sauce. This, by the way, is a plus. The barely I cooked and added works very well with the tomato and bean flavors. I like beans.

And, coming up soon....is the con! Anime Oasis! Three days of glorious binging in otakudom and fellow fandom. Or whatever. No sleep on Saturday night. Dancing! Costumes! Money spent well and poorly! It will be good. I'm tempted to sell some blood plasma the week beforehand, so as to create cash....

So! Life is good. Now if I can just kick myself into gear and get the transfer application done for University of Maryland done before the priority date...
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Here is my Christmas gift to ye all: A post.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night! Warm Fuzzy Feelings, Coloured Lights, and the Companionship of those you love, I wish you all.
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Mmmm, frozen blueberries are delicious. I loves them.

/end inane
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So, I went to a Dragonforce concert last night.

You might have already heard about this, considering how excited I was about it. If you haven't, well....they're a band I only just found out about, say, last year or so. I really like the music.

What kinda music do they play?

High-Speed Fantasy Power Metal.

So, how did Zuki's First Heavy Metal Concert go?

She had a great time, that's how it went!

She howled and screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs. She pumped fists and horns in the air. She jumped up and down. She belted out the lyrics whenever she could remember them. She also moshed. Sometimes, she moshed *and* howled out choruses at the same time.

Mosh pits aren't as scary as you might think--pretty much, it's a chaotic bunch of people lurching around and slamming into eachother and shoving. There are people around the outside of the pit who basically serve to contain it--if the moshers get too wild, too close to the edges, they give 'em a shove back into the center. Which of course precipitates more shoving and bumping. Someone bumps into you, push 'em the other way! Sometimes shovers just give people a huge push anyways to send 'em flying to keep things interesting. They have an important role, I think, keeping the pit contained--and if you fall over, people grab you up right away, shovers or moshers. That was cool. I had a heck of a lot of fun pushing and shoving and bouncing around. I had much fun being all territorial and aggressive and shoving, even if a five foot one girl in flip-flops isn't very good at that, and gets her feet stepped on a lot. And, then, of course, sometimes the pit would just spontaneously stop so we could all sing along and throw hands in the air.

Moshing is for the chorus and the instrumental parts of the music. I now understand why the music has such long instrumental guitar solo bits.

Oh! Oh!

I'm also incredibly glad I brought earplugs.
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