Mar. 10th, 2009

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Some of life has been stressful, but lots of it has also been good. I don't like the way my school schedule has me awake far-too-early in the morning every day of the week, but I do like the big gaps of time between morning and evening classes. Lots of free time to study, have fun, wander about campus, or go on field trips and adventures. My grades seem to be okay. Not Straight-A's, but not C's and terrified depressed strugglings-not-to-fail. I'm either graduating this fall or this spring, and I really need to figure out which soon.

At Chris's insistence, I've slowly started playing World of Warcraft. I have mixed feelings about this, but must admit I tend to have fun. I can see why the game is compelling. Mm. Things have been a touch rockier 'tween Chris and I of late, but I'd rather have that acknowledge and in the open as an issue for discussion rather than having us put eachother in boxes and fake our way through a relationship. We're tentatively planning an Adventure In Manhattan for spring break, which is next week. I have no idea what we're going to do. I'm tentatively trusting myself to brainstorm or improvise even as I worry about the cost of food and parking. And the time to ourselves will be nice indeed.

I'm running a dungeons and dragons game! Though of late many intended sessions have been missed--we have to run on Wednesday nights so one of my favorite players, Kepler, can play. But that subjects myself, my brother, and Rob to the vagaries of sickness and 'OMGAGHHOMEWORK'. And my Dad's 11 o' clock curfew for Loren. Still, we've had terrific hilarious fun--all the players are kobolds and it's this crazy over-the-top comedy kind of game. I DM by making near shit-all up as I go along and figuring out one or two hilarious things to oppose the party with each session. I've been glad for the recent stall, as I need to scribble out a map of the 'dungeon' they'll be entering soon.

Spiritually, stuff has been pretty cool. There's this lovely grove on campus with some big old birch trees in it that I found about three weeks ago, and 'formally' introduced myself to a week or two ago; I'd like to go back there, leave a physical offering of some kind, and appropriate it to practice meditating and etc. in. This should be easier as the weather warms up--it's been taunting us with alternating gorgeous sunny warm days and FREEZING COLD WINDY sunny days and uh, the foot-of-snow Snow Day on March First or so. That was the day I spent mostly leveling on WoW. Shamelessly. The Pagan Student Union is finally getting its kit together--we're running a Q and A session for people to come by and ask us stupid questions about being pagan, occult stuff, the difference between X and Y. We're hopefully bribing them all with free food. College students like free food, right?

I'm not sure what inspired this; I think I was frustrated with my unsuccessful search of something restful to read before bed tonight. Anyhow, it's 2:15 in the morning and I'm making very bad decisions considering I have work at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the library, so adios!


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