Nov. 27th, 2008

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I am thankful for my family, with its bonds of love and friendship that allow us to stay 'together' and stay sharing. The fact that I have to swap off holidays with one parent and one house or another is a trifle and an inconvienience. I'm thankful for my Dad's continued patience and good humor with me, his paying for my college tution (as much as I'd like to shift that responsibility!), my brother's humor, wit and intellectual challenge, and my Mom's unflagging love and devotion to drag me into being an independent and competent person, kicking and screaming if I must.

I am thankful for my friends, especially those new who I've met only in the last year and some months. I've learned a lot from all of you, I hope to learn more in the future. But you're friends, too! I look forward to more conversations, more fun evenings, more good times and sharings as well.

I'm grateful for the pig that died to give me the delicious spareribs I had for dinner tonight, the cows that gave the milk for the cheeses we used to cook the mashed potato dishes, as well as the red and sweet potatoes I love so pulled from the earth. The asparagus, the peas, the apples for cider and pie and any other animal or plant I've forgotten to thank. I'll try to pay you greater mind in the future, all.

I'm thankful for Barrack Obama's election to the 2009-2012 presidency. I'm thankful for the fact that, even if the economy is tanked, it means that gas prices or cheaper.

I'm thankful for all the totems and guides that watch over me and aid me, even if I may not always hear their messages or know their names. I'm thankful for Gods' good creation, sun and rain, seasons and winds and cool winter nights and rainstorms. Tolere!

Thank you.


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