Oct. 22nd, 2008

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So recently I've been doing a bit more here and there on various pagan communities or journals here on LJ. I've friended several rather interesting folks, and been friended in turn. I always feel a little bit sheepish about that second part, because I provide essentially no content on my actual Livejournal. I post about once a season when I'm in a particularly good mood, often about a month or two weeks after whatever event it was put me in a particularly good mood.

I think part of the reason I feel reticent about posting is that I'm not quite sure if the groups of people that originally friended me (acquaintances from real-life, webcomics, anime fandom, etc) are all that interested in what I might be babbling about on my LJ now (being a treasurer for the Pagan Student Union at my college, trying to be a totemist and an animist, recording meditations or dreams. Possibly relationship stuff, college stuff, and in the future, job-hunt stuff.)

One solution that I've seen other people take would be to set up a collection of filters for people to opt in to, but I'm not sure I post often enough for that to be an issue just the same. I'm pretty sure I've got an open-minded enough set of LJ-Friends that it doesn't really matter what I end up posting about, but I don't really now for certain.

What do you all think? Can anyone imagine any topic I might end up discussing that they'd rather not be reading? Should I just learn to use cuts and tags and filters?

Or should I just hang all that and post more often, dangit?

If you don't pipe up I'll probably assume you don't have an opinion, or don't really read the rare things that I have to say in here.


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