Feb. 13th, 2008

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Okay, so it's been Too Damn Long since I've posted a blog entry. But life's been good lately, so I might as well rattle on a bit.

I've got Valentine's Day rescheduled for this weekend; I'll be driving down with a card and a box of strawberries and dipping chocolate if I can manage it. Don't know if we've got anything planned or in mind per se, but it'll just be good to see Chris again. It's a long slog down to Williamsburg, but infinitely better than a plane flight.

Tomorrow I shall be helping a lovesick friend through Singles Appreciation and Awareness day.

Life is good!

I'm becoming decidedly fond of the bookshop known as Turning Wheel in my area, especially their bargain box, from which one fishes books out, and pays for them by the pound. ($4 a pound.) I've snagged one find I've been wanting for a while based on good good recommendations (Ecoshamanism, by James Endredy. Haven't read it through yet, I've got a big stack to work on and I keep adding to it!)

As I've slowly crept back into a more active interest/participation in paganism and magic type stuff, Norse mythology and the runes have perked my interest. Digging around in studies of this, even drier anthropological/historical accounts of religious life and worship, and academic books that ruthlessly skewer older popular conceptions of the meanings and significances of various found runestones and inscriptions, has been a lot of fun. A little disappointing to have someone point out things like "Going by the dates established, this was written in proto-germanic, not Old Norse, so it can't possibly mean such-and-such," or "...[this] was probably a typo, and [that] may well have been a popular 'commercial' formula for dime-a-dozen magic bracelets and amulets for the illiterate." Anthropology and history are things I love to study and learn about, so having this background before I start delving into the Stephen Flowers/Edred Thorsson and other more mystically minded authors will be nice and shiny. As a reward for getting the Elder Futhark more or less properly memorized for names, order, and basic concept, I bought myself a set of runes tonight. They're made from bone, nice smooth clean tiles.

Olivia's found a great wealth of sites for further exploration, after the drainage tunnel under UMBC we checked out during winter break went so well. She's very cautious though, and worried about asbestos; we'll need respirators and filters before we can check out some of those new places. Proof that my campus is nerdy: graffiti on the walls of the tunnel included references to All Your Base, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Legend of Zelda ("Hyrule High," and a triforce symbol), Snow Crash (the name Hiro Protagonist appeared at one point), and 101 digits of Pi. The most recent date in the tunnels was '07, the oldest '78. We took pictures, and had a grand old time. I want to come back later and replicate some famous cave art on the walls, maybe sign it "Courtesy of Pagan Student Union 2008". Aurochs are so cool. Or perhaps the figure of The Sorcerer?


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